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Welcome to the Northgate High School Blog. The sole purpose of this blog is to gather information from parents, students, teachers, staff and administrators who would like to share ideas about improving Northgate. The blog will also provide information about MDUSD's, and Northgate's, failure to provide a quality education for our students. If you believe everything is wonderful at Northgate feel free to write that in a post but please understand that this blog is about change. No form of name calling or intimidation will be tolerated, your post will be removed. This is a serious blog for serious people who want to make a difference. Members of the school board view this site, this link can easily be sent to the Superintendent, this is your opportunity to tell them what you think needs to change at Northgate.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Northgate Teachers Getting Out the Vote

Northgate teachers stood on the street in front of Northgate this morning and passed out brochures to passing cars and pedestrians. The brochures support Gary Eberhart and Sherry Whitmarsh for MDUSD school board. A vote for Gary & Sherry is a vote against April Treece. April Treece, the board member who still contends all is well in MDUSD. Go Northgate teachers!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Whitmarsh and Eberhart

In a recent email sent from Walnut Creek Schools Together Now, it appears that the group is recommending their supporters vote Sherry Whitmarsh and Gary Eberhart for the two available MDUSD Board seats in the upcoming election.

Ms. Carver reminds voters, "In 2010, we will be able to vote for 3 candidates, which is a majority of the Board. That must be a referendum on the progress that the Board and superintendent will make in the next 2 years. They must work together for the good of the students. We must hold them to a high standard in that time!"

Northgate Climate Committee

PFC President, Monica Fitzgerald, has recently distributed an email with a link to a survey regarding the state of the school. The survey covers academics, school culture, communication, and a host of other topics.

According to Monica, "We are developing a Northgate Climate Committee to make recommendations and implement long range curriculum and expenditure goals for our school. We want to create a vision for how we want Northgate to grow. "

Please make sure you check your email and complete your survey. This is another step in a positive direction for Northgate High School.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jeff Adams- Candidate for School Board

In April I started this blog because I was appalled at the rhetoric, accusations, and comments being posted on the MDUSD blog. I wanted students, parents, and community members to have a forum where they could find information and discuss ideas for ways to improve Northgate/MDUSD. Two weeks ago the MDUSD blog once again allowed their site to be host to posts that were reminiscent of a lynching mob rather than a place where people with common issues come together to discuss ideas and viewpoints. I felt the treatment of Mr. Jeff Adams, candidate for School Board, was unfair and embarrassing. I did not know Mr. Adams but believed if we had another candidate in the race I would like to know his positions on issues. I wrote to Mr. Adams, asked him 10 questions I felt were important and offered to post his answers on the Northgate Blog. Mr. Adams was gracious enough to agree. I hope this information will prove helpful in your quest to get to know Mr. Adams. My policy stands with respect to monitoring posts. In addition, I welcome any of the other three candidates to answer any or all of these same questions and I will be happy to post those as well.

Jeff Adams Statement and Q&A